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The Umbrella


- An Old Trout Puppet Workshop & Puente Theatre co-production, in collaboration with Bučan Bučan




The Umbrella


Based on the book written and illustrated by Judd Palmer (which was shortlisted for Canada's Governor-General's Award for Children's Literature), The Umbrella is a love story about a man and his umbrella; but one storm-struck day a certain sinister crow threatens their happiness together.  The set is a theatrical-storm contraption, complete with thunder sheet, wind machine, and rainspout; the puppet stage is a huge bucket.  Through a storm both metaphorical and actual, our heroes emerge scarred -- but love prevails.


                              "Let thrum your heart to thunder".  The Crow


The show is a small-scale piece for families, created and performed by Mercedes Bátiz-Benét and Judd Palmer, with music composed by Julia Wakal.  It's a co-production between Puente Theatre and The Old Trout Puppet Workshop, with music by Bučan Bučan, Victoria's beloved Balkan brass marching band.

El Jinete, A Mariachi Opera










                                                                                                                     Designs by Catherine Hahn

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