Every November, PUENTE presents WORKPLAY – a reading series of plays-in-progress by emerging Canadian playwrights writing about multi-culturalism and diversity. After the readings, the audience is invited to contribute their thoughts and opinions in a conversation that may help the authors gain new insights and further the development of their work.

Entrance to the readings is by donation.

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WorkPlay readings are held at the Intrepid Theatre Club
2-1609 Blanshard, Victoria, BC

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WORKPLAY 2012: November 25th & 26th @ 7 pm

November 25th @ 7 pm: Korsakoff's Hourglass  by Mily Mumford

Korsakoff's Hourglass is a piece designed to comment on memory, mortality and personal history.  It follow the relationship of an older woman, an immigrant to Canada from Russia, and a youner neurology intern assigned to her unique case.  The older woman, a former ballet dancer, begins to lose her long-term memory and ability to comprehend the present world around her, slipping into a self-made time capsule of the world that once was.  The intern becomes both a friend and a character from her past, tying her to reality, and protecting her from her memory.  The first reading of the script as a work-in-progress is an opportunity for the audience to provide feedback before a movement workshop of the piece that will talke place in 2013.

Mily Mumford is a local performer, dancer and writer, who also studies neuropsychology at the University of Victoria.  She has been performing and sketch-writing with Atomic Vaudeville for the past five years, and  has written, produced, and performed her own work in Theatre Skam’s Bike Ride Festival for the past two years. Her fringe play Love is for Superbeasts this past August (2012), which she wrote and performed in, received high praise from local reviewers and the community. This year, her projects include developing new work with Puente Theatre, debuting Cabaret Erotique, an emerging dance and burlesque cabaret, and remounting Love is for Superbeasts.

November 26th @ 7 pm: Keeper by Emma Zabloski


Prepare to have your senses tickled and your synapses fired as you enter the Keeper’s wondrous world of recollection.   A physical, musical, and interactive look at how memory works, Keeper invites you on an intimate journey to learn just how important it is to remember where you come from.

Emma Zabloski is Ottawa-valley born and raised, with French-Ukrainian roots.  As artistic director of Zopyra Theatre, she creates original, intimate, and multidisciplinary theatrical events that engage the audience as active creative participants.  In Victoria, her work has appeared at the Belfry Theatre's 2012 Spark Festival and at Theatre SKAM's Bike Ride in 2012 and 2012.  Her artistic journey has brought her to the University of Ottawa to study theatre, to Poland to train with the Grotowski Workcenter, and most recently to Calgary for the One Yellow Rabbit's Summer Lab.  Emma is also member of Victoria-based Catflap Collective and the Ottawa Stilt Union.  She is incredibly grateful for Puente Theatre's support in her first solo show adventrue!


November 30th @ 7 pm:  Footsteps by Rob Hunter


A young woman visits the reserve.  She hears footsteps echoing on a well-worn path.  Should she follow them?

Rob Hunter is a frequent contributor to Puente Theatre.  He trained in the creative and performing arts with Full Circle, an acting apprenticeship at Native Earth, puppet experience with Tim Gosley, and a Bachelor of Music from University of Victoria. Rob Hunter values a light-hearted sense of humor, and acknowledges the Raven and all animals.



December 1st @ 7 pm:   Somewhere Between Hantus and Zombies by Shehani Kay


Somewhere Between Hantus and Zombies is a black comedy about an immigrant family’s struggle with identity, multiculturalism, mental illness, and familial obligations during a zombie apocalypse.

Shehani Kay is a Borneo born, Canadian bred writer who has lived in seven cities, in four countries. She studied Women’s History and Comparative Religious Studies at the University of Alberta and Creative Writing at UVic. After living abroad in Madrid, Spain and London, UK for the last five years, she returned to Canada in 2011. Her work has been on CBC Radio, The New Yorker Online, the Guardian Online, the Winnipeg Free Press, and the Calgary Herald.





Korsakoff's Hourglass by Mily Mumford

Keeper by Emma Zabloski          



Footsteps by Rob Hunter

Somewhere Between Hantus and Zombies  by Shehani Kay          



Everyday Miracles  by Deanna Gutierrez  
The Grey Duck Variations (working title )  by Erin Macklem


Train to Africville  by Justin Carter
Stalemate   by Marcus Stusek


My Rabbi  by Joel Bernbaum & Kayvon Khoshkam
The Kindness of Kevin Barteski   by Nicole Nattrass


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