PUENTE offers a variety of workshops such as:

Transformational Theatre

It is a useful theatre, a kind of social therapy that focuses the mind, relaxes the spirit and gives people a new handle on their situations Transformational theatre integrates different techniques with the objective of achieving social and personal transformation through theatre. It is mainly based on the "Theatre of the Oppressed" method created by Brazilian Director Augusto Boal and Educator Paolo Freire. Some of the techniques included will be Forum Theatre, Image Theatre, Improvisation, Playback, bodywork and meditation. Transformational theatre is a valuable tool for teachers, social workers, community workers, activists and anybody interested in using theatre to address issues such as bullying, racism, family problems, community building, youth concerns, work related problems and so on.

Theatre of the Opressed

Theatre of the Oppressed

A look at the work of Brazilian Director Augusto Boal.

Image Theatre Workshops

Using one of the techniques of Theatre of the Oppressed, Image Theatre is a simple and fun way to engage a group in exploring their issues and potential.

Living in two or more cultures

Using the techniques of Transformational theatre, this workshop explores specifically the challenges and advantages of being an immigrant.


A useful basic tool for all actors. These workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of the participants.


Staged readings of plays from around the world


A reading series of plays-in-progress

Story Telling

If you're interested in telling your story - we can help.


Theatre Tools: workshops, training and presentations

For Your Inspiration

For Your Inspiration is a new arts outreach initiative created by the Canada Council in collaboration with design company Cause + Effect to highlight 22 of Vancouver’s and Vancouver Island's most vibrant culturally diverse arts organizations!


Professional Association of Canadian Theatres


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