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Women and non-binary people who are ethnically diverse are invited to join us in creating a new kind of artistic leadership in theatre in Canada. Currently, self-identified culturally diverse women and non-binary people hold only 3.7% of the artistic theatre leadership positions in this country.   We aim to change that.

Who else are you?  You might be a performer, writer, director, dramaturg, choreographer, designer, technician, stage manager, dresser, producer, coach, teacher, administrator, marketer, a student of drama or a community organizer—or you may wear a combination of these hats at the same time. It doesn’t matter.  If you want to increase your own skills, and work with others to make a change in the theatre landscape in Canada, you are welcome!

What do we do? Participants benefit from peer-to-peer learning and free programming, such as guest speakers, workshops, open discussions, and networking through attending cultural events.

The 3.7% Initiative was originally created in Vancouver by Sherry J. Yoon and Boca del Lupo Theatre for the express purpose of helping women who self identify as ethnically and culturally diverse find greater success in their performing arts practice.  We were so inspired by their success, we are aiming to start the third chapter of the 3.7% right here in Victoria, hosted by Puente Theatre.  The second chapter of the 3.7% is in Edmonton, and it is hosted by Concrete Theatre.

If you live in Victoria, and you're interested in joining our 3.7% cohort, please email for more information.

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