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         THE 3.7% INITIATIVE


Started by Boca del Lupo's Artistic Director, Sherry J Yoon, the 3.7% Initiative was created for the express purpose of helping women who self-identify as ethnically and culturally diverse, of Indigenous, or of mixed-racial heritage to find greater success in their performing arts practice. Named for the low percentage of key creative roles in Canadian theatre held by ethnically and culturally diverse women, this initiative supports women who have a strong desire to change that statistic by taking their performing arts career into their own hands.


As of today, the 3.7% Initiative has over 60 members. Participants benefit from peer-to-peer learning and free programming such as guest speakers, workshops, professional development seminars, open discussions, and cultural events. Our goal is to strengthen the performing arts sector through greater diversity. Boca del Lupo is looking for people who self-identify as women or gender non-conforming, and are artists working in theatre/performing arts who:

– Self-identify as being ethnically and culturally diverse (including those of Indigenous or mixed-racial heritage).

– Have aspirations to have a career working professionally and full-time if they had the opportunity.

Since its inception in 2015, The 3.7% Initiative has welcomed new branches to support artists in different regions:


  • 3.7% YEG+ for female IBPoC identifying artists based in Alberta hosted by Concrete Theatre.

  • 3.7% Victoria – for female IBPoC identifying artists based in Victoria hosted by Puente Theatre.  

  • 3.7% Leadership cohort for female IBPoC identifying artistic leaders across the country.

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