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Puente Theatre's mandate is to use theatrical experience as a bridge between cultures, which means providing opportunity and resources to culturally-diverse artists, and in so doing, bringing art from a wide array of perspectives to the broader Canadian public. As members of our community, we advocate for inclusion; we facilitate connections; we bring people together.

Puente's dreams will have come true when:

  • the Canadian theatre community is as culturally diverse as the Canadian public,

  • that diversity is authentic and deeply rooted, not token or superficial,

  • that diversity drives both process and product, without necessarily conforming to mainstream modes and creative traditions,

  • every member of the Canadian public feels welcome as audience members,

  • every member of the Canadian public feels like they can see themselves on our stages,

  • attending theatre is affordable to all strata of society,

  • our creative processes are open, curious, compassionate, and cosmopolitan, drawing from a wild and beautiful variety of sources, unencumbered by prejudice or elitism or the blindness of privilege,   

   ..and as a consequence, we make the most wondrous theatre that anyone has ever seen.


"El Jinete, A Mariachi Opera"

Aex Alegría as "El Jinete"   

Photo credit:  Itai Erdal


"Patriot in Search of a Country"

Grace Chan as "The Patriot" ​

Photo credit:  


"Fado, The Saddest Music in the World"

Chris Perrins as "Tristão"

Photo credit:  Derek Ford


"Lágrimas Crueles/

Cruel Tears"

Alexandra Lainfiesta as "Katy" & Indio Saravanja as "Juan"

Photo credit:  Ilijc Albanese



Raji Basi as herself

Photo Credit:  

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