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Rob Hunter


Shehani Kay




by Rob Hunter



Somewhere Between Hantus and Zombies  


by Shehani Kay 


A young woman visits the reserve.  She hears footsteps echoing on a well-worn path.  Should she follow them?

Rob Hunter is a frequent contributor to Puente Theatre.  He trained in the creative and performing arts with Full Circle, an acting apprenticeship at Native Earth, puppet experience with Tim Gosley, and a Bachelor of Music from University of Victoria. Rob Hunter values a light-hearted sense of humor, and acknowledges the Raven and all animals.

Somewhere Between Hantus and Zombies is a black comedy about an immigrant family’s struggle with identity, multiculturalism, mental illness, and familial obligations during a zombie apocalypse.

Shehani Kay is a Borneo born, Canadian bred writer who has lived in seven cities, in four countries. She studied Women’s History and Comparative Religious Studies at the University of Alberta and Creative Writing at UVic. After living abroad in Madrid, Spain and London, UK for the last five years, she returned to Canada in 2011. Her work has been on CBC Radio, The New Yorker Online, the Guardian Online, the Winnipeg Free Press, and the Calgary Herald.

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